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~About Us~


The Smith Kids

Hello and welcome :)  Thank you SO much for your interest in our Golden Retrievers.  My name is Stacey Smith and I reside in Essexville, Michigan with my husband, Mike, and our four children, Kayla 18, Michael 15, Morgan 13, and Nolan 10.  We are also proud owners of six beautiful golden retrievers Kenzie, Riley, Georgia, Mabel, Rummy and our future stud dog, Chevy... here with us, and our golden retriever angel, Kirby.  I have been breeding golden for eight years now and truly enjoy every aspect of the process.  I love spoiling my soon-to-be mamas,  the supervised labor (sometimes it goes well into the night), the little babies once they are born, watching them nurse, grow, play and all their big-dog ways :)  It melts my heart to watch them react to our voices and how they snuggle up on us as if to say "life is good".  The hardest part of the whole process is the day they go home to live with their new families.  I have been truly blessed to this point as I have really gotten to know my families very well and trust that all the puppies are in good hands.  Sure makes my job ALOT easier!!  We appreciate and LOVE all updates, pictures and visits!! 
Our puppies are all born and raised inside of our home under constant supervision.  They are handled numerous times throughout the day.  They are very well socialized and adjusted to everyday noises... especially children :)  At around 4 weeks of age we start training them on basic commands, such as potty training, sit, down and come.  Please note some puppies are eager to learn at this age, and some are not... but they are ALL interested in potty training :)  Puppy food is also introduced at 4 weeks and weaning from Mom begins around 4/5 weeks.  The puppies make two trips into the vet, one at birth and one at six weeks to ensure they are all in good health. 
We are currently working on health certifications with our adult dogs.  As they receive them, past and future puppy owners will have the option of getting a copy of their clearances.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions regarding this matter.
A journal will be updated daily describing the puppies activities.  Pictures will also be posted weekly!!  Cute, personal pictures are emailed frequently.
All of our puppies are sold pre-loved and spoiled.  We encourage numerous visits before taking your new addition home.  We are very choosy with our new "forever homes".  We tend to ask ALOT of questions and enjoy getting to know everyone on a personal basis.  If you have questions for us, call or email at anytime :)  You can also like our facebook page to follow along with updates :)
Thank you so much for your interest.
Riley, Gracie, Kirby and Kenzie



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